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to wolf blitzer. "situation room" starts right now. >> thanks very much, brook. >>> two weeks before the united states may plunge into financial crisis. plu, media mogul rupert murdoch is just hours away from being grilled and lambasteds by british law makers and now a whistleblower in the growing phone hackl scandal reportedly is dead. and a 77-year-old man defends his home and family from an intruder with a gun. stand by for the dramatic story. that's even more compelling because -- get this -- he's a member of the united states congress. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> the u.s. defaulting on its debt for the first time in history? we can't state it enough, this has enormous consequences for all of us, and time is quickly running out to prevent what the president calls armageddon. let's check in with kate baldwin. she's standing by with the latest. where do the negotiations stand right now? >> the two top republicans in the house. no official readout from the white house, but president obama says we are making progress when asked today by reporters how the deb
brooks, they sat there hour after hour, taking the questions in good humor. and that gives them credit to their benefit, that they did go through this process. ultimately, though, tonight, as rupert murdoch did say he doesn't take responsibility for what took place although he will have to be the man that sorts it out. >> are you responsible for this whole fiasco? >> no. >> who are responsible? >> the people i trusted to run it and then maybe the people they trusted. >> can you name people? >> i worked with mr. hinton for 52 years and i would trust him with my life. >> what i think is interesting in that exchange, the normal phraseology for people doing that is, i was not to blame, but i take responsibility. the buck stops here. and what we didn't get there was that phraseology or some version thereof. we also finally, wolf, we did get later on in his final statement the hacking was wrong, the payments to the police were wrong, no excuses. >> and there was an incident there at one point where an intruder just showed up with some shaving cream. tell our viewers what happened. >> the pic
. >> thanks very much, brooke. your social security checks are at risk. officials here in washington try once again to strike a deal to raise the debt limb. media mogul rupert murdoch is summoned in to face lawmakers who are investigating phone hackers within his media empire. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." all right, bargaining over america's debt under way right now. president obama went into the fourth round of talks in recent days, upping the ante. he's suggesting that failure to reach a deal by the august 2 deadline could immediately cost many americans who rely on a government check to get by. they're meeting inside the west wing as we speak. what's the latest. >> as we speak, wolf, this is really the first time we've heard the president specifically illustrate consequences that will make many americans ears perk up. this as this meeting continues. no cameras allowed today for a photo opportunity as president obama talks with the top eight democrats and republicans in the house and senate is an impasse over tax increases continues. >> as an impasse over tax increases continue
switched careers from a major tech firm to nursing. he landed a job at the stony brook university medical center where he saw an opportunity in a field traditionally dominated by women. >> i don't know if i was foolish or not, but i did, partly because i did come into the work force as, you know, a man in his 40s going into this field where, you know, i knew there wouldn't be a lot of men my age that i would be competing for jobs with. reerlt health care is one field where the pugh research said men are finding jobs at a faster rate than women. men gained 805,000 jobs, while women lost 281,000 jobs in that same period. it's a major shift from the start of the recession. economist heather boucher says then men lost 7 out of 10 jobs and says it's not surprising they are now gaining jobs faster. a pick up in manufacturing earlier this year helped put men to work but there's another reason for the gender gap. >> men make up majority of state and government workers. we've seen very sharp layoffs that have disproportionately affected women worker ps. >> layoffs for teachers and librarians are h
, they decided they would be appearing alongside the ceo of news international rebekah wade brooks. we look forward to that. the story has developed, of course, with the media momentum for it has grown. we understand that british lawmakers can decide whether to ask them to testify under oath. if indeed they do do that and were to lie, then they would be subject to perjury laws. it's not clear exactly what will happened on tuesday. >> much more on this story coming up later. we'll speak with a former assistant fbi director who will walk us through the process. >>> an 8-year-old boy killed walking home from summer camp. just ahead dramatic new details about the suspect. >>> and the latest on a deadly suicide blast at a memorial service for the afghan president's half-brother. stay with us, you're in "the situation room." thought they were dead. [ laughter ] [ grunting ] huh? [ male announcer ] should've used roundup. america's number one weed killer. it kills weeds to the root, so they don't come back. guaranteed. weeds won't play dead, they'll stay dead. roundup. no root. no weed. no problem
and gave a full and sincere apology. >> rupert and james murdoch and rebecca brooks will be forced to appear here in a committee and grill eed closelily politicians who want answers as to how all of this activity went on. one of the people who will be interrogating rebecca brooks had some tough words for her. >> i think he was inevitable. rebecca brooks has given the resignation message she should have given on day one of this scandal when nick davis of the uk "guardian" revealed milly's phone had been hacked. >> but the political dimensions continue to evolve as well. downing street has been forced to put out a list of guests that the prime minister david cameron welcomed to his country residents checkers. mo among them was the now disgraced former editor of "the news of the world." a man hired as director of communications. he visited the prime minister three months after he was forced to step down from that high profile political role. wolf? >> dan rivers in london, much more on this story coming up later. meanwhi meanwhile, libyan rebels locked in heated battle while gadhafi's
wolf blitzer, "situation room" starting right now. wolf? >>> brooke, thanks very much. happening now, a dire political crisis here in washington. democrats and republicans seemingly no closer to a deal. less than a week before the country is set to plunge into default. and the consequences could potentially be disastrous for all of us. i'll ask david plouff whether any progress is being made right now. and jammed phone lines crashing capitol hill as worried americans scramble to weigh in on this debate before it's too late. and a disturbing new study revealing a widening gap between minorities and the wealthiest americans in the wake of a devastating recession. i'm wolf blitzer here in the situation room. first to what many say is shaping up to be an economic disaster of nearly unprecedented proportions if congress doesn't break the deadlock and agree on a deal to raise the debt ceiling only six days from now. the white house warning today there's no more wiggle room and beyond that date, quote, we lose our capacity to borrow. if that happens, interest rates could go up, the value of
. but there was suspicion that rebekah brooks must have sanctioned the hacking something she always denied. she's a close friend with prime minister david cameron, an awkward fact. but he said this. >> what this government is doing is making sure that the fact the public and i feel so appalled by what's happened. murder victims, terrorist victims who had their phones hacked is quite disgraceful. >> reporter: one thing that went spla spectacularly wrong for the prime minister was to hire this man. he may now be facing criminal charges. for rupert murdoch, the decision to close "news of the world" doesn't mean the scandal is over. there's a police investigation to be faced. on one sunday one thing will end, the "news of the world" printing presses will stop for the very last time. dan rivers, cnn, london. >> the phone hack being of crime victims has rocked a media empire but it all started with celebrities. we'll hear from an angry actor, hugh grant. airlines are warned of the next big threat. terrorists with bombs surgically implanted in their bodies. >>> actor hugh grant was among those targeted by. >> e
. and that is it for me. i'm brooke baldwin in atlanta. time to turn things over to my colleague in washington. wolf blitzer, "the situation room" starts right now. >> thanks very much. president obama promises republicans he'll take heat from his own party to cut a deal on raising the debt limit. this hour, the hard bargaining in public and in private as the clock tick, ticks, ticks towards a possible financial crisis. also, "the news of the world" folds. but the hacking scandal tainting rupert murdoch's media empire keep exploding. two more murdoch newspapers now accused of trying to tap into the personal information of a former british prime minister. and pakistan's reaction to news that the united states government is cutting millions of dollars in military aid. i'll talk to the country's ambassador to the united states about the growing tension and the impact on the war on terror. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." the federal debt is soaring high or above the limit almost by the second. and president obama is vowing to hold daily negotiations to raise the ceiling if that's what
for the royals' private phone numbers. now the paper's former ed toyed rebekah brooks is expected to be questioned by police. >> if she had a shred of decency in her, she would have resigned if only because phones were hacked and the family was believed the family was still arrived. >> reporter: the mother and significance ter of the murdered teen was met by british lawmakers on monday and said they are still waiting to hear from the newspaper. >> there hasn't been an apology from rupert or james murdoch. >> reporter: murdoch arrived in london on sunday and says brooks, now ceo of news international, is his priority, but his $12 billion bid for british broadcaster bskyb is now in jeopardy. >> i don't know whether this will happen. the labor party is saying let's delay this, and, you know, the stock is plunging. >> right. >> so it -- it could be a huge blow to news corp. >> reporter: well, it is primarily a political business story but essentially a personal one, and tonight gordon brown, the former british prime minister spokesman issued a statement saying, quote, gordon brown has
blitzer. "the situation room" starts now. >> all right, brooke, thank you. one week to go and counting. democrats and republicans are scrambling to avoid a potentially devastating national default, just days after a stunning collapse in the talks. and we just learned president obama will address the nation. indeed the world tonight. also, norway's deadliest attacks since world war ii. a day in court, alleged motive and why he now says he had help. and travelers squashed by major airlines. >> but first, to the desperate race against the clock to secure what president obama is calling america's national credit card. the country could face unprecedented default if congress is unable to agree on a deal to raise the nation's debt ceiling. failure to do so could downgrade america's debt rating and could be extremely damaging for global economy purposes. let's get all the angles. we've just learned the president will be addressing the nation later to. kate baldwin is up on capitol hill. first to you. what's the very latest, the thinking behind the president's decision to address the nation an
. >> murdoch's queen in all this is undoubtedly chief executive rebecca brooks. she remains at murdoch's side, apparently untouchable as his chief executive, but now she'll be forced to appear before a parliamentary committee next week to respond to allegations of illegal activities in some of her papers. and the joker in the pack is an andy coulson. >> he just doesn't get it. he just doesn't get it. i say this to the prime minister -- he was warned by the deputy prime minister about hiring andy coulson. he was warned by lord ashdown by hiring andy coulson. he's now admitted in the house of commons today that his chief of staff was given complete evidence which contradicted andy coulson's previous accounts. >> on wednesday, sensationally as the house of commons was about to debate rupert murdoch's controversial takeovered by for the british broadcaster bskyb, rupert murdoch abruptly walked away from the table acknowledging theed by was impossible in the current clima climate. suggesting that the a.c.led ho -- holds he could come back again. with talk in the u.s. that news corp may be viewed t
of speculation about what will happens with sara brooks. one headline put it very much -- the sacrifice of one paper to save one woman. >> "news of of the world" will be shutting down, but i think it will still be making headline. >>> frank talk at the white house, but will fellow democrats get in the way of the president's efforts to cut a deal? one of america's most wanted al qaeda leaders linked to a new and controversial terror suspect. >> announcer: this past year alone there's been a 67% spike in companies embracing the cloud-- big clouds, small ones, public, private, even hybrid. your data and apps must move easily and securely to reach many clouds, not just one. that's why the network that connects, protects, and lets your data move fearlessly through the clouds means more than ever. >>> jack cafferty is here with "the cafferty file." >> in 2008 president obama promised to get all troops out of the iraq by the end of this year. after winning the presidency, he vowed to keep that promise. now is the deadline for military withdrawal approaches, he's apparently prepared to break that prom
right now. >> brooke, thanks very much. happening now, president obama meets with house republican leaders this hour in a last-minute push to prevent a national debt disaster. we'll read the fine print of a bipartisan compromise getting lots of attention right now. new political fireworks over phone hacking. the british prime minister gets hammered. and the fbi is now moving forward with its investigation right here in the united states. and a war of words between two florida lawmakers. democratic party chairwoman debbie wasserman-shultz joins me to respond to a congressman's rant calling her vile, unprofessional and despicable. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> right now, six u.s. senators are giving new momentum to talks aiming at avoiding a national catastrophe in the united states. their bipartisan compromise to slash the deficit. only 12 dpas left, president obama is due to meet this hour with house speaker john boehner and majority leader eric cantor. this just a short while after he met with top congressional democrats over at the white house. ours who co
mean, i wear my yoga pants for everything. hiking, biking, pilates... [ woman ] brooke... okay. i wear yoga pants because i am too lazy for real pants. that's my tide. what's yours? >>> just in, we're getting a closer look at some of the evidence that was shown to the jury in the casey anthony trial, and we're back with legal analysts and former federal prosecutor sunny hostin of our sister network trutv. sunny, we have some pictures, and i know you've seen all of the evidence. we thought we'd put some of these up, and you could give us an idea what it is we're looking at. this -- >> sure. >> start off with that one because i can't see it from where i am very well. >> sure. this is a picture of casey anthony and her mother cindy anthony. now, casey was 7, almost 8 months' pregnant in this picture, and the import of this picture is the defense wanted to show that this family was so dysfunctional that it was sort of a web of lies all the time. and when people at this wedding, they were asking cindy anthony, wow, when is casey due, she denied that casey was even pregnant. she said, oh, no
tuesday. joe johns, i love "political pop" today. that's it for me. i'm brooke baldwin in atlanta. now let's go to wolf blitzer. "situation room" starts right now. >>> the political temperature here in washington, now tipping the scales as the white house intensifies both parties over how to solve the debt crisis. fears that a solution won't be reached in time are quickly, quickly potentially, at least, becoming a reality. what is president obama doing right now to end this bitter gridlock? the white house press secretary jay carney will join me just minutes from now. plus, even if congress agrees on a last-minute deal, the country's coveted aaa credit rating could be compromised. the unpresence dented consequences for all of us. and why some lawmakers argue the looming august 2 deadline isn't the armageddon the president says it is. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." we're only five days away from what could lead to unprecedented default in the united states if the political sparring between our elected officials here in washington doesn't stop. and we can't emphasize enoug
us here. now, wolf blitzer, "situation room" starts right now. wolf? >> brooke, thanks very much. >>> happening now, breaking news. that critical house vote on the republican debt plan back, it's back on right now, almost 24 hours after a huge rift in the party brought it to a screeching halt. do the republicans now have the 216 votes needed to pass? we're only moments away from the vote and when it happens, we'll bring it to you live right here in "the situation room". >>> plus, it's arguably his most defining moment as the house speaker. john boehner now desperately struggling to prove he has what it takes to keep a new generation of republicans in line. >>> and president obama warns, and i'm quoting him now, we are almost out of time, urging all americans to keep the pressure on washington and bring this devastating crisis to an end. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room." >>> you're looking at a live picture right now of the house floor, where just a short time from now, we expect to see that critical vote on the gop debt plan. the vote was supposed to happen yester
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)